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hoodie awards -full lace human hair wigs remy hair human hair extension

hoodie awards -full lace human hair wigs remy hair human hair extension
Product Detailed
1.monofilament on top of the head, 2.ventilated wigs. 3.good Permeability, 4.Uniform stitch, 5.high needle.

virgin hair lace wigs

on the lace base

the base color is not with the natural hair of wearer

cover the scalp

the top could be visible

custom lace front wigs

Persistent stereotypes,feel smooth.All natural looking hairline

All natural looking hairline

our 100% human hair wigs can be curled using hot rollers, styled full and fabulous with a blow dryer; even have your human hair wig custom cut by your stylist. And talk about being flexible – human hair wigs can go from straight to curly, and then back again

wig,cap,full lace,stretch lace,no thin skin,silk top/hidden knot cap,lace color,bleached knots,single knots,double knots,no bany hairs,density,hair color,circumference,hair texture,forehead to nape of neck,ear to ear across front hairline,ear to ear over top of head,temple to temple across back of head,nape of neck.

machine made and hand made wigs,half woven

human hair

as the customer's request

Good Permeability, wear comfortably. The bottom of cap is

smooth. The material's color is coordinate naturally.

The simulation scalp is soft. Uniform stitch.

The hair style is connected well.

The cap of wigs is replete.

The density of hand tied products should simulat naturally.

What is a FULL LACE WIG?A: Our FULL LACE WIG are a non-surgical aesthetic solution, whose advance techniques has provided surprising results. It is the latest technology when it comes to hair prostheses. One of the most modern techniques that use 100% natural hair strand by strand deployed on special film that is attached to the user's skin. This film is ultrathin, rugged, porous, very light, Painless, imperceptible to the touch and look and mimics the scalp.The FULL LACE WIG are being sold in Europe by various companies. They are an innovation before seen abroad only for actresses and famous singers like Beyonce, Rihanna, Halle Berry, Tyra Banks and many others.Our FULL LACE WIG allow versatility in styling hair, allowing it to be broken for the direction you want. Considering that the wires are applied one by one, as if they were born of your own scalp. REASON THAT MUCH OF BIRTH.You do not feel that using a FULL LACE WIG because of the lightness of the film, and no one notices because it is invisible on contact with your skin. By look and touch your head will feel and see only your own scalp. Never tell anyone that you are using a wig''''. THE END OF MEGA HAIR.These wigs can be used both by people who do not have hair, but also by people who want to change the look.Whether in search of beauty or hair solutions for cases of baldness, alopecia, trichotillomania, hair treatments and reconstruction quimioterapia.Você will not regret it in FULL LACE WIG use one. You will change your life, regain their self-esteem and have your head in a 100% NATURAL PREMIUM QUALITY Quality.It is an ideal option for all those who want a very natural look and a Solution noticeable to the touch and to the eye.Our FULL LACE WIG is delivered in its raw state, ie no haircut, considering that each person must do the haircuts as their personal characteristics and in accordance with their hair still exist. The cut can be done with any professional hairdresser of your choice.The placement is simple and fast, you will put in your own home and make myself (the) maintenance, or if you have questions you can contact them via phone, MSN, e-mail or chat via webcam whenever you need.The FULL LACE WIG not loosen due to the glue or adhesive allergy, only to break off contact allergy remover. The real unique and used in Europe and the United States Purissime remover!General inquiries:FULL LACE WIG because it is different from regular wigs?A: FULL LACE WIG are different from wigs normal, because of the quality and naturalness. It has a synthetic skin, implanted with natural hair, which mimics human skin.The difference between a normal and a wig FULL LACE WIG is basically the cooking mode. A typical wig has a coarse screen, which warms the scalp and beyond the artificial aspect, offers the risk of falling anytime and leave you in an awkward position. There are safe, and are usually made the machine not being imperceptible to the touch and to the eye. The hairstyles are always the same, being necessary in most cases leave a fringe try to'' disguise''. FULL LACE WIG while maintaining the same temperature of your skin, it itches, it is very natural and can be done any kind of hairstyle, considering that the prosthesis is without breakdowns and rebuilds your hairline, it is not necessary to leave any fringe. This distinction is because the prosthesis is made in an ultrathin film on skin color user, which mimics the scalp, draws a new hairline and does not cause allergies. The natural hairs are implanted one at a time in this "skin" having a thickness and transparency similar to the human skin.The wig has a typical thick base of the screen, with strips sewn hair. FULL LACE WIG already the no. It is a synthetic film very thin and very natural, applying wire to wire, identical to a real scalp.A FULL LACE WIG is discreet and does not cause the user to lose sensitivity in the head.The result is visually imperceptible to the touch and no one will say you're wearing a wig''''.They are made with human hair?A: Yes, FULL LACE WIG our only are made with human hair.100% Human Remy Hair (Natural Hair, chemically hydrated): Human Hair of excellent quality, with origin from a single donor. The cuticles are kept in the same direction, without the hair to be reversed. Is among the best hair wigs market and prostheses. It can be dyed in darker colors, but never lighten them. Various textures can be applied, ie, flat, wavy, curly, among others.100% Virgin Human Hair (Natural Hair, virgin and without chemical): Human hair totally virgin, with origin from a single donor The cuticles are kept in the same direction, without the hair to be reversed. One may apply any type of chemistry. Even discolor them. Cost slightly higher than the 100% Human Remy Hair, due to being totally virgin.Hair Textures and origin:We have many choices of textures and hair with the best provenance.100% Indian Remy Hair (Indian Hair): Wire finest, silky, shiny and natural wavy. Suitable for all types of permanent textures, principally, wavy, curly and curling. This hair is used for making more FULL LACE WIG our.100% European Remy Hair (European Hair): Wire very soft and silky, considered rare. It is preferred by many people because Caucasian resembles the texture of your own hair. However, the European hair can be very thin and soft to maintain a curled style or curly. Characters who prefer this hair are: Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson Lee, among others.Textures crisp, smooth, wavy, curly or curly, can be brushed or modeled with the aid of braces?A: If you order a FULL LACE WIG-textured, curly, wavy, curly, or curly, textures that are undergoing a process of continuing to stay as you wish. Extra care should be taken.Textures (curly, curly or curly): There may be brushed, only dried or modeled with the aid of machines. Unless you make sure they are in their natural texture, without having undergone permanent.Textures (Wavy, Straight): Can be brushed and can also be modeled with the aid of machines.What is the difference between a FULL LACE FRONT LACE WIG and WIG?A: FULL LACE WIG is totally wire to wire, built on several bases and most often are only used human hair, the result is very natural. LACE FRONT WIG already a built is only wire to wire on the front, with the remainder of the wig strips rounds in the machine. To fix the front should be used adhesives or glue. To attach the neck to use rubber bands or fasteners. LACE FRONT WIG Generally are made with Remy Synthetic (Synthetic Fiber). We specialize in FULL LACE WIG due to the result to be much more natural and undetectable.Can I use chemicals in Hair Prosthesis?A: Yes, because the wires are applied to the prosthesis 100% Human.How do I measure my head to make ordering a FULL LACE WIG?A: In our Order Form, there is a step by step illustration of how to perform the measurement of his head and a LINK with an explanatory video. You will need a tape measure.What is density, and which should I choose?A: Density is the number of wires applied in a base. Our FULL LACE WIG, generally are made with 120% (average normal density). You can choose from other densities fuller or emptier as needed. (See our table of densities). Regardless of the percentage of density you choose, the result is natural.A FULL LACE WIG cause some discomfort, being applied in my head?A: No, considering that the film is very thin. Nor is heavy on the head, because the amount of wires applied over the base, is proportional to a normal head with hair. Regardless of the percentage of density you choose, it will not cause any discomfort.What is Baby Hair?A: Our FULL LACE WIG are made with great care to provide a very natural appearance. Baby Hair (Baby Hair) are shorter and thinner wires that are applied around the edge of your FULL LACE WIG. It's the final finish to a perfect score of hairline of his prosthesis. This technique allows the final result becomes very natural, as if the wires were actually born of his own hairline.What does Bleached KNOTS?A: Bleached Knots is a technique very careful that we use in constructing a FULL LACE WIG. It is a technique that applies a Dyeing applied to the nodes at the base of the hair FULL LACE WIG one. This dye has the purpose of letting us clearer and more natural.What are the bases on which the wires are applied?A: There are several bases, wherein the FULL LACE WIG can be made.- Swiss Lace 255: Swiss Lace is the finest lace worn by celebrities from TV and also the Swiss Lace has a duration 1-3 years, Swiss Lace Original is 255 of which we are the only ones in BR resellers.With a Swiss Lace 255 to transparency or invisibility is far greater and totally imperceptible.French Lace is recommended for less experienced users, and more imperceptible is also used by patients and people who are buying for the first time. However, with both applying wire to wire and offer a natural look.The foundations are built where FULL LACE WIG, are of a single color?A: No, each person has a different skin tone. Thus, we have six different patterns of colors to skin. Upon your request, you specify the hue of their skin or send a picture so we can analyze what the base color that will look more natural and in accordance with your skin tone.How is the measurement of Hair length?A: The measurement is made from the top of the head hair tipsWhat accessories will I need to buy along with FULL LACE WIG my?A: You have to buy the Adhesive or glue to apply the FULL LACE WIG on his head. You should buy a hypoallergenic remover that is used to remove FULL LACE WIG your whenever you need and want. All these items can be ordered on our website in the session'' or'' accessories along on your order form.Note Accessories Requests for maintenance should always be requested in advance.The length of time accessories will vary depending on frequency of use and type of chosen accessory.Original Super Blue StickerLength: 4 to 8 months (maintenance every 15 days).Antiallergic Cola 15ml original Ultra HoldDuration: 2-4 months (maintenance every 15 days).RemoverLength: 4 to 6 months (maintenance every 15 days).For clinics and spa, we give the white glue with E-Bond fixed duration of 8 weeks in wig.So we give the clinics and spa!You send instructions on how to use my FULL LACE WIG?A: Yes, when you receive your FULL LACE WIG, you will receive a manual of step by step information, teaching to make the application in 2 methods (glue or adhesive), removal and cleaning. This will help you to make your experience with FULL LACE WIG very easy and enjoyable..How is it fixed? Is it safe? May fall?A: The prosthesis is attached to the scalp with tape or glue. Both are designed specifically for allergy and hair prostheses so that there is the risk of letting go, even with a jerk. As the base is very thin and transparent, it allows the user complete freedom.Note Adhesive or glue are not stuck in your hair, so if you have hair, they do not iram be damaged. She will be glued only around your hairline front, sides and nape.Citrus Removers and C22 are not anti allergens attention to this iten.The Bella Styles remover has unique anti allergic Purissime used anti allergic used in the maintenance of Full Lace Wig.E Cola has the UH anti allergenic and also anti allergenic tape!How is it removed?A: You should use only hypoallergenic removers, hair prostheses for themselves.FULL LACE WIG Being applied, you can wash your hair in the bath, sports, fitness and so on.?A: You can bathe, swim, play any sport, live a life without limitations, the sensation felt like it was your own hair. Our adhesives and glues are waterproof.What about maintenance?R: Should maintenance be done periodically, for greater security, which varies from person to person due to oiliness of the scalp and / or the flow of perspiration every person. Maintenances are done from week to week, from 10 to 10 days, from 15 to 15 days or every month. The maintenance are made as follows: a prosthesis must be removed with the aid of a remover, washed and hydrated. Then, the prosthesis must be replaced with new adhesive or glue, ensuring the safety for a further period until the next maintenance.Due to the manual and DVD that we send, you will be able to maintain the comfort of your own home without needing the help of any professional.The result is natural and imperceptible?A: Yes, provided your FULL LACE WIG is well fastened round his head. The fixation should be done with glue or Adhesive.- Must be used good quality materials which allow security and ease the wearer.- It should have knowledge of the maintenance thereof, to obtain a natural result. (Step by step instructions in the manual to be sent).What will be the format of my front hairline?A: Because the wires are applied one by one in a super thin film, this will create an illusion in his incredible front line. There are two formats lines capillaries, each of these formats is designed based on real lines capillaries. You can choose one ofI still have hair, but I do not like and do not provide the desired appearance. Can I use this system? I'll have to shave my head?A: Yes, you can use the FULL LACE WIG normally. In this case you should hold your own hair in any way. We recommend the use of a thin Cap in color of your skin or else you braid your own hair. If you want you can also shave their hair, although not necessary, because the FULL LACE is fixed only around his head and not in the areas where you have hair.I can still take care of my own natural hair while using this type of wigs?A: Yes, absolutely. You should always take care of their own hair every maintenance you do. You should where possible make hydrations both in your own hair, as the hair FULL LACE WIG applied to.Can I sleep with my FULL LACE WIG applied?A: Yes When you sleep you are advised to do a ponytail to not embarrass her hair while you sleep.A FULL LACE WIG have any contraindications or cause any harm to my health?A: No. The bases are allergenic and designed to stay for a long time on your scalp.Can I make ponytail or braids?A: Yes, due to be applied lace around his entire head, giving the impression that the hair is rising on your own scalp. You can make ponytail and braids without problems.What hair colors are available?A: We have 39 colors for your choice 100% Human Remy Hair (Natural Hair, chemically hydrated).Can I choose a FULL LACE WIG with additional colors?A: Yes, we can add additional colors in your FULL LACE WIG.There are 3 Additional Forms of Color:- Highlights: You should choose the main color of the hair and then choose the color that will be additional highlights. We recommend a percentage of 70% for the main color and 30% for the highlight color.- Mix Color: If you want a mix of colors you should choose two colors that are added in equal proportions, ie 50-50%. This does not prevent you choose more than 2 colors to be added in the same proportion.Note Remember that if you opt for a mix of colors, the brighter the color the more prevalent despite being in the same proportion as the rest.- Root darkened: It may be added in the main color of your hair darkened a root, ie, the top will be dark in color that you want. Generally roots are made darkened in color 1b or 2, in accordance with the main color of the hair so that the result becomes natural.You can do the model and the haircut of my FULL LACE WIG as the image I send?A: We can do without problems. FULL LACE WIG one in same texture, color and density model Image sent by you. Simply attach this image on your application form and inform what features you would like to see the same image or if you would like it to be made completely relying on the image, ie, same texture, color, density and so on. Just can not make the cut, considering that the cut is something that should be adapted according to your face shape and personality.You can do this with the help of a professional hair stylist, requesting that he make the cut as desired picture style.Duration:A: The materials with which the prostheses are made increasingly evolve more over comfort, naturalness and strength. On average the duration is 1 to 3 years. After the duration, you must acquire a new lace. We did not perform replacement of the wires.Our FULL LACE WIG Note may last more or less than the term, everything will depend on the care of the user with the product.

hoodie awards -full lace human hair wigs remy hair human hair extension

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